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Tangible Worlds of Brands

Festivals and events are no longer an insider tip. Ever since Coachella and the resurrection of the dormant denim brand Levis, brands have known the magic of reaching their target group in a relaxed atmosphere. The perfect opportunity to launch new lifestyle products, for example, or to open up your brand to a wider audience and raise brand awareness. Direct contact on site brings your brand world to life and thus creates a close bond with the target group.

However, in addition to all the existing marketing measures, the effort involved in planning a festival seems quite large and comes on top of the day-to-day business. After all, as a marketing manager or managing director, you have little time to deal with events and festivals.
We may take over the planning of your next festival appearance.

Lassen Sie uns gemeinsam schöne Erinnerungen kreieren

At DEEG, we take care of your festival appearance and ensure that your customers talk about this successful event with enthusiasm. 

Since 1945, we have been realizing successful trade fair appearances and festivals that will inspire your customers for a long time to come. We start by focusing fully on your target group, working with you to develop suitable storytelling in three-dimensional space and a convincing PR and communication strategy for your trade fair appearance. After all, we want your customers to remember the encounter at your festival stand with a sparkle in their eyes and a special feeling.

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