Congresses and conferences


Special expertise is required

Experts exchange ideas at congresses and conferences. Sharing expertise and knowledge, presenting scientific progress or simply exchanging ideas with colleagues – these special encounters need a space that suits you. They are usually large-scale projects that are planned well in advance and simply have to work.

The demands on congresses and conferences have increased: since the pandemic at the latest, many events have been held in hybrid mode, i.e. as both face-to-face and online events. As an organizer, this presents you with special challenges in terms of technology, planning, budget and content-related processes. For us, the integration of the online and offline worlds is now part of our daily business.

Because it's better together.

Ideally, your congress will be a complete success. A special setting will be remembered by both the audience and prominent guests and will help you to become a popular meeting place for industry leaders. At the same time, you are presenting a showcase and allowing your brand to speak for itself. This includes authentically reflecting the values of your organization, institution or company.

We help you to develop the right concept:

  • from the basic idea to the implementation plan
  • in line with your values and content
  • to meet the specific needs of your participant groups
  • This will make your congress or symposium a success. Planning is the be-all and end-all.

When is your next congress? We should plan as early as possible. Give us a call.