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How clearly is your brand already positioned and defined? What PR strategy are you using around your trade show appearance? How can you establish measurability of your trade show success? These are all strategic questions that cost time and energy. Often, a view from the outside helps to provide the decisive answers.

We encounter these and other questions every day. That’s why we have already expanded our core team to include a network of experts we can rely on and trust at any time. This includes professionals in brand architecture, press relations, brand communications, social media, online and performance marketing, or web and graphic design.

For us, choosing the right strategy for your trade fair  and event communication is the most important variable in achieving your communication success! We know from our own experience: the better the plan, the better the result!

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Strategy the key?

Our all-embracing range of services extends from concept development – in line with your marketing mix – to holistic support and follow-up. In addition to the brand fit, the focus is above all on the lasting memory of your customers.

At DEEG, we rely on multisensory communication – not only at the actual event, but also in the pre-phase. Reach your customers with us not only visually or acoustically, but also olfactorily, gustatorily and of course haptically and bring your brand to life. In other words: all senses may be engaged by your brand presence in the most positive sense!

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